Words from Beyond


I began writing when I was a teenager. It was my therapy! Believe me, when you’re visited by dead relatives, you need therapy. I shared my stories with friends and class mates at the High School I attended in Richmond, North Yorkshire. They were passed around during lunch breaks and I became quite the celebrity. 

In 2008 my daughter started college, and my husband travelled with work, so I often found myself home alone. With lots of time on my hands, I decided to start writing again. Pretty soon, I finished my first short story, and plucked up courage to share it with my husband. I was very apprehensive (and a little embarrassed) when I showed it  to him. Imagine my surprise when he told me how much he enjoyed reading it and suggested I sell it on Amazon as an e-Book.

Now available on Amazon

I re-read and edited my story as best I could. This story was Guy at the bar. I sold a few copies, not enough to make me rich, but enough to make me realize I wanted to continue with my writing career.

As I gained more writing experience, I knew I needed to do a little work on Guy at the Bar, so I put him into rehab for a while. Now he’s all fixed up and back on Amazon, starring in a book of short stories called Ghosts on the Sand and Other Chilling Tales

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